Eddy Parker & AC Alves in Ravishing (remix by Dj Paparazzi & Dj Adon)


Ravishing“, brano del 2011 di Eddy Ravishing è stato a distanza di un paio di anni riproposto in chiave kizomba. Nuova vita e beat molto gradevole che ha saputo raccogliere grandi consensi. A questa brillante cover hanno lavorato Ac Alves con Dj Paparazzi & Dj Adon. Presente anche il videoclip rinnovato con l’accompagnamento del piano e violino.

Eddy Parker & AC Alves in Ravishing (remix by Dj Paparazzi & Dj Adon)TESTO DELLA CANZONE:

Normally I don’t, I don’t freeze like that but shorty got me
Going, shorty got me going, shorty got my heart going – boom
Normally I know, know what to say but (3x)

1St verse:
I love my woman topless & no I can’t deny it no
I love my woman wild swinging on a pole
Fuck it that’s how I’m gon’ flow
I love my lady naked. I love it when she talk dirty
I don’t like to beat around the bush but you just
You just astonish me

Oh ah oh eh that’s what she’ll be screaming when
I push it in oh yeah
Oh ah oh eh than when she starts moaning my heart just stops
I sing

You are so ravishing – I love it. (2x)

2Nd verse:
My lady in white, I’ll pay you in gold
Adore when ur body moving offbeat cinematic in slow mo
My parents approved you, clean and wholesome
But back home, bad as a motha
Ripping all my clothes of yeah eh